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A Different Type of Insurance Agency: We are a very honest, hard working, family oriented agency who understands the value of a business relationship. We are willing to do whatever it takes to maintain that relationship over time. We think you will find your relationship with us to be unlike any other you have had with previous insurance agents.

We Work For You: We have been very successful in providing SIGNIFICANT $AVINGS to a large number of individuals on their Homeowner's & Auto Insurance. We would love the OPPORTUNITY to quote on yours today! We provide tag renewal and title transfer services. Serenity Insurance Services, Inc. can also assist with all your Business Insurance, retirement needs, as well as disability, long term care, and health insurance.

Stop By Today... Serenity Insurance Services is conveniently located in Sunrise, Florida. We invite you to stop by today for a visit... and see for yourself why we are NOT your typical insurance agency.

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