Serenity Insurance Services Condominium Insurance

About Condominium Insurance Coverage

There are many insurance policies available for condominium owners. Condo insurance is sometimes different from home insurance in that it may not protect your actual unit (the structure) if your condominium association is the one responsible for insuring the building. However, that insurance policy generally never protects a condominium owner from property loss and personal liability. Condo insurance is made specifically to protect condominium owners from these risks.

Choosing the Right Condo Insurance Policy

Deciding on insurance for your condo can be a tricky business. Your first step is to discover what is covered by your condo association's insurance. Most associations have a master policy, but coverage under these policies varies widely. Some policies cover only the structure itself, including walls, floors, roofs, elevators, etc. They do not cover your appliances, carpets, cabinets and any improvements you have made to your unit. Other polices include the structure itself as well as fixtures in your unit and improvements. Still other policies cover the structure and everything in your unit except your personal property.

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