Serenity Insurance Services Life & Health Insurance

Health Insurance is an important coverage that helps protect you and your family from the devastating effects of unexpected health problems or catastrophic illness. Are you struggling to find good health insurance coverage for you and your family? Perhaps you are working for a company that does not provide adequate coverage or, if recently unemployed, you find that your COBRA options are just too costly. Whether you are opening a business, starting a family, sending kids off to college, or enjoying your retirement years, you want the security of knowing you will always have access to the quality care you deserve.

CATEGORIES OF HEALTH INSURANCE: Most group health plans fall under the Major Medical category. Typically, they offer more benefits than basic policies. A major medical policy normally pays a percentage of covered expenses after you pay a deductable. Managed Care plans include Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Point of Service Plans (POS), and Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs). Limited Benefit Plans may include programs for basic hospital expenses, basic surgical expenses, specific diseases such as cancer, or hospital indemnity plans.

Long Term Care - Do you have a plan in place to protect you and your family from the financial stress of needing long term care? A long term care policy can lift the burden from your family should you need extended care and can protect your retirement portfolio from being stripped due to these heavy costs. The right kind of coverage is a powerful alternative to pay for the high cost of care from your savings, and can also help you remain in your home with dignity and independence. Please click here for a quote or email us for more information.